When Marcy Singer decides to start a new life in Tallulah Falls, Oregon, where her college roommate now lives, she is very excited. Leaving her career as an accountant and her life in San Francisco, she opens her embroidery shop, Seven Year Stitch. She is poised to enjoy everything about this life, from the small town coziness to the creativity.

But almost immediately, she is thrust into a set of frightening incidents, beginning with the dead body of the former tenant in her storeroom.

Because the man had approached her the night before, seemingly drunk, and wanted to talk to her, she somehow feels responsible. And he also seemed to be hinting at danger.

Fearing for her own life, she throws herself into the midst of the investigation, seeking clues, visiting people who can possibly provide answers…

What does a strange message “four square fifth” signify? And what do some men imprisoned for a financial fraud scheme have to do with what is happening now? How does a ledger discovered at one man’s home hold additional clues? And who, if anyone, can Marcy trust in this strange new town?

I loved the characters, from the curious Marcy to her friend Sadie; even a couple of hot men interested in Marcy held my attention as well. Even Marcy’s dog Angus felt like another person in the story.

The Quick and the Thread: An Embroidery Mystery was a fast read, holding my attention to the very end. The “threads” seemed to come together rather quickly in the end; therefore, four stars. An enjoyable read.


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